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Its miserable me, for right now I feel miserable. I know how to come out of it, not actually come out of it but run away from it. But i do not want to run away, rather face it and find a way out. But right now its miserable me...

Waking up in the morning,
with thousand unsaid questions
with sorrows pale and ochre
with emotions hard to feel
and there is a pain in the center.

With crippled and tormented soul
with sorrows hard to explain
with pain demanding to be felt
with millions of names in the mind
and I am not able to utter a single one.

With mind lost and wandering
with eyes full of shattered dreams
with many things left undone
with beautiful words left unsaid
and there I stand self-abandoned.

With the pain of separation
with the hope of soon revival
with hands folded in prayer
with eyes closed, wishing that wish
and there I am-MISERABLE ME!


  1. I love your poetry. From what I have read you write very well. Thanks for sharing your incredible talent with me.

  2. thankyou soo much shelley... means alot coming from you!


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Lost and weird on the way that was laid.
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